Fine Arts Society of Detroit


Our History

The Fine Arts Society of Detroit was founded by leaders of the community in January 1906 to bring together professional and amateur lovers of the Arts.  Members first met in their homes, then in local theaters such as the Arts and Crafts Theater and the Gem Theater. 

With the construction of the Players Playhouse on East Jefferson in 1926, Fine Arts found a permanent home and most activities since that time have taken place in this distinctive private theater, one of the architectural treasures of the country.

Having celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2006, Fine Arts is assumed to be the oldest continuous group of its kind in the country. 

What we do

Fine Arts Activities revolve around three stage productions each season.  There is also an annual meeting, a new member cocktail party and a holiday party.  At the annual meeting, held in the late spring, a new Board of Directors is elected and society officers discuss topics of importance.  The Board of of Directors meets once a month to conduct Club business.

Special social and fundraising activities are occasionally planned which may include trips to the DIA or travel to Stratford or the Shaw Festival.  In past years members have gathered for dinner and a book review or to attend other local theaters or an occasional movie.

Although in the past there was a formal dress requirement at all dramatic frunctions, this rule has been eased for Friday evening in order to reflect the more modern trends in society.  

Members are invited to bring guests to any of the activities of the group.  A wine reception precedes each show, where the art works of a member or guest artist are featured.  Food and refreshments are usually served at each play.  At times the audience is treated to a musical afterglow.

Most members will agree that Fine Arts friendships are for life, fueled by the camaraderie that develops among the participants during the time a production is brought from casting call to curtain.  Opportunities abound for learning new skills in an atmosphere of encouragement. 

As of April 2,  2021 the IRS approved FASD as a 501(c)3 organization, thus donations to FASD are tax deductible.